Roche Sequencing Solutions

‘Changing Science, Changing Lives’

Sequencing is transforming the understanding among researchers and clinicians of how genomics will impact health.

Our vision is one that transforms healthcare, providing a comprehensive next-generation sequencing workflow for clinical sequencing applications.

Sample in. Result out.


Library Preparation (Kapa)

‘Inspired by the power of evolution’

Constantly evolving better science by applying the latest advances in genomics and synthetic biology to help reduce costs, simplify workflows and improve results.

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NimbleGen Targeted Sequencing (SeqCap)

‘Sensitive, accurate and reproducible detection of variants’

Targeted Sequencing enables sequencing of a specific portion of the genome. This approach provides a focus on the genomic regions of interest in the study, thus providing an efficient way to perform experiments and analyze data to discover causative mutations. The regions being targeted can range from disease associated regions to the entire exome.

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