Translational research

Discovery is in our DNA

Deep within all of us is a powerful sentiment that drives us to uncover new knowledge and perspectives. We aim to foster this spirit of discovery in our DNA by continually developing high quality technologies, reagents and instruments.


Nucleic Acid Purification (NAP)

‘Start here. Go anywhere.’

Extraction is more than a procedural step. It’s the beginning to a very important end. Whether you’re doing Translational Research, Lab Developed Testing or In Vitro Diagnostics, our instruments and reagents produce the purest of nucleic acid samples, with an extraction process that fits your workflow. So you can pursue your next great discovery with confidence.

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Roche Sequencing Solutions

‘Changing Science, Changing Lives’

Sequencing is transforming the understanding among researchers and clinicians of how genomics will impact health. Our vision is one that transforms healthcare, providing a comprehensive next-generation sequencing workflow for clinical sequencing applications.

Sample in. Result out.

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High-performance real-time PCR (qPCR)

‘Generate results you can trust’

Amplify your success in real-time PCR applications with the LightCycler Instruments and reagents. Choose the system that best suits your needs, with flexible sample volumes and throughputs ranging from 1 to 384 samples per run. All of our instruments provide outstanding temperature uniformity and homogeneity, as well as unbiased data capture, enabling you to quickly generate results that are accurate and reproducible.

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Lab Developed Testing Solution (FLOW)


End-to-end workflow standardization’

The Roche FLOW Solution offers complete workflow standardization and data automation for your entire lab developed testing process. By moving your sample information from your LIS through all instruments with complete data safety and sample tracking, the FLOW Solution enables you to generate accurate results with less effort than ever before.

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